An Alternative to Burial and Cremation Gains Popularity

Jonah Engel Bromwich, who writes for the New York Times, recently wrote an article exploring an alternative to burial and cremation that is growing popularity throughout the United States. Read More Read More
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Useful Resources for Navigating Changing Health Conditions of Ourselves and Our Loved Ones:

Ron Lieber, who writes for the New York Times, recently wrote an article responding to reader responses to his earlier articles on the Medicaid program and how the majority of Americans depend on Medicaid for nursing home or care at home at some point during their lives.  The author listed four books that were recommended to him repeatedly and reported that he read them a… Read More
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Cathy’s Recent Appearance on the Law School for the Public television program.

Learn the basics of how assets are distributed after death, including a discussion of Wills, Trusts, and the probate process in Montgomery County, Maryland from Cathy’s recent appearance on public television.  By watching this short program, you will see Cathy’s unique ability to explain and discuss these topics.  Click here to view the program. Read More
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Single? No Children? No Will? Big Mistake - The New York Times, Sunday, March 12, 2017

Don't leave it to lawyers and the courts to divvy up your belongings after you're gone. Read More
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10 Most Common Misconceptions About IRAs

Click to view or print our list of 10 common misconceptions about IRAs: Most Common IRA Misconceptions | pdf Read More
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POD / TOD Accounts are NOT the Answer

The articles and commentary are endless about the fact that Prince did not have a Will even though he was reportedly worth zillions of dollars and had serious “health issues” (at least issues considered serious by his attorney, according to a recent news article). One article “You might not have Prince’s ‘Pop Life' — but you should have a will" in The Washing… Read More
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What Are the Advantages of Utilizing a Revocable Trust as Part of Your Estate Plan?

The revocable (so-called “living”) trust affords another option for the transfer of assets upon death. There are several pros and cons to using a trust rather than a will as your primary estate planning document. A revocable trust can act as a will substitute and in many cases can avoid the need for probating your estate. Much has been written recently on the use of tr… Read More
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Which States Still Have an Estate Tax in Place for 2016?

States continue to reduce or eliminate taxes upon an estate and here is a current update as of 2016. Read More
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How Assets are Titled is Extremely Important!

Recently, I learned a very important lesson: it’s very important to know how our estate planning clients have their assets titled. My lesson? Advise my clients early and often that if the client decides to change the “ownership” of an asset (whether by adding another person to a checking account so that the person can pay bills or by filling out paperwork so that the… Read More
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Financial Elder Abuse: What’s Going On in America?

I am hearing and reading more and more stories about financial abuse of elderly people and a recent article in The Washington Post (Thursday, May 12th) gives me even greater concern. The story reports how “nurses” hired through a reputable agency nonetheless turned out to be crooks, at least based upon the allegations in a complaint filed against the agency and the ind… Read More
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