Limited Inheritance in Unusual Circumstances

State statutes of descent and distribution are usually supplemented by other statutes or court rulings that limit or prohibit inheritance in unusual circumstances. This article discusses some of those unusual circumstances. Advancements In what is known as an advancement, a person can transfer property to his or her expectant heirs with the intent that the property be dedu… Read More
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Lapse and Mistake

One of the main purposes for making and leaving a will is to guide the administration of the estate of the testator–the person who made the will. A will should be written in language that is clear and indisputable. Alas, the language in a will may be unclear or vague. This article discusses the will interpretation and construction issues of lapse and mistake. Lapse I… Read More
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Navigating the Logistics of Death Ahead of Time

There are now websites that can assist you in making end-of-life plans, just like you make plans for a wedding or other major life event. As a recent article in The New York Times stated: These websites can “walk users through what an end-of-life and estate plan should include, provides a place to store everything and goes as far as offering reviews on funeral homes and… Read More
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Great Article on Long Term Care Insurance in the New York Times

As I have been telling my clients for years, the risk with long-term care insurance, particularly the older policies, is that the premiums are rarely fixed and could be raised substantially right about the time that the policy holder needs the insurance. More serious is the possibility that the insurance company could go out of business altogether. In The New York Times Sa… Read More
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A Gift Gone Missing?

The probate system can help disappointed heirs clarify asset distribution. Like physicians, trusts and estates attorneys often are asked for free advice during social occasions. I was approached recently at a party by a white collar defense lawyer. My friend was disturbed: A beloved maiden aunt had passed away, and now my friend had heard that she was not going to get the… Read More
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