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How to get your financial house in order before you die - The Washington Post, September 4, 2018

Columnist, Michelle Singletary shares the lessons she learned after her mother died from injuries sustained in a house fire. When you’ve helped with as many funerals as I have, you understand how important it is for folks to organize their financial paperwork before it’s too late. Maybe my story will help motivate you to gather your important documents to help… Read More
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Useful Resources for Navigating Changing Health Conditions of Ourselves and Our Loved Ones:

Ron Lieber, who writes for the New York Times, recently wrote an article responding to reader responses to his earlier articles on the Medicaid program and how the majority of Americans depend on Medicaid for nursing home or care at home at some point during their lives. The author listed four books that were recommended to him repeatedly and reported that he read them all… Read More
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Financial Elder Abuse: What’s Going On in America?

I am hearing and reading more and more stories about financial abuse of elderly people and a recent article in The Washington Post (Thursday, May 12th) gives me even greater concern. The story reports how “nurses” hired through a reputable agency nonetheless turned out to be crooks, at least based upon the allegations in a complaint filed against the agency and the ind… Read More
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