Useful Resources for Navigating Changing Health Conditions of Ourselves and Our Loved Ones:

Ron Lieber, who writes for the New York Times, recently wrote an article responding to reader responses to his earlier articles on the Medicaid program and how the majority of Americans depend on Medicaid for nursing home or care at home at some point during their lives. The author listed four books that were recommended to him repeatedly and reported that he read them all in just a few days (which he does not recommend!)

As he says “…these books are essential reading. Few of us are prepared for the financial and emotional complexities of managing the last several years of our lives.”

We all prefer to put our head in the sand and hope that we and our loved ones will die quickly and without pain and financial hardship. But statistically, that’s not likely.

Just as engaging in estate planning is important work for all of us, we should also educate ourselves about and plan for the inevitability of aging, by reading one or more of these books and talking with our loved ones about our own wishes and worries.

The article and the books recommended can be found here.