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When Private Fights Over Millions Become Public (Things Get Ugly) - The New York Times, February 8, 2019

Paul Sullivan writes: There are private family squabbles, and then there are family squabbles that splash into public view, shining a spotlight on a bitter dispute. Take the case of Belinda Neumann-Donnelly, who sued her father, Hubert Neumann, claiming he drove down the price of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Flesh and Spirit,” which sold for $30.7 million at auction last… Read More
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Limited Inheritance in Unusual Circumstances

State statutes of descent and distribution are usually supplemented by other statutes or court rulings that limit or prohibit inheritance in unusual circumstances. This article discusses some of those unusual circumstances. Advancements In what is known as an advancement, a person can transfer property to his or her expectant heirs with the intent that the property be dedu… Read More
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A Gift Gone Missing?

The probate system can help disappointed heirs clarify asset distribution. Like physicians, trusts and estates attorneys often are asked for free advice during social occasions. I was approached recently at a party by a white collar defense lawyer. My friend was disturbed: A beloved maiden aunt had passed away, and now my friend had heard that she was not going to get the… Read More
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