Estate Planning

Everyone has a will, whether you know it or not! But it may not be the will you actually want: if you have not drafted your own will, state intestacy laws will determine what happens to your property upon your death. Read More

Estate & Gift Taxation

It used to be extremely important to engage in what is called estate tax planning in order to avoid unnecessary estate taxes at the time of death. But times have changed. Read More

Retirement Planning

Did you know that distribution of your retirement accounts is not governed by your will? Have you correctly and completely prepared your beneficiary designation forms for your retirement assets? Read More

Elder Law

"Elder law" is often defined as legal work focused on helping older individuals and their loved ones with wills, trusts, powers of attorney documents, healthcare power of attorney documents and living wills. Read More

Probate Law

Probate is the judicial process used to transfer ownership of property of the "decedent" — that is, someone who has died. Residents of both Maryland and the District of Columbia have very simplified probate procedures available to them, particula… Read More

Laws of the District of Columbia If Decedent Dies with No Last Will and Testament or Trust

First, a surviving spouse has rights to certain allowances under D.C. law. These get paid off the top regardless of whether there is a valid Will or not. Read More

Maryland Intestate Succession and Statutory Shares

If the decedent is survived by a spouse and any minor children, the minor children inherit 1/2 (split between the minor children) and the spouse inherits 1/2. Read More

Probate Disputes

When someone dies, the law requires that his or her Last Will and Testament must be submitted to the probate court, even if there are no probate assets. The Personal Representative (another name for an executor) is named in the will instrument and ha… Read More